The CPL Team:
Knowledgeable subject experts with experience working in our libraries and helping the community.

CPL Core Group:
– Lead: Kimberly Knight
– Amber Heyward
– Gregory Testa
– Heather Simpson
– Jennifer Luck
– Jes Chatham
– Jodie Reha
– JoLynn Holcomb
– Katie Walton
– Melissa Christakos
– Vivian Washington
– Zachary Elder

Expanded Core Group:
Advisory team of external community leaders and stakeholders.
– Anaya Spady
– Angela Graciani
– Beth Reitz
– Dana Sanford
– Debbie Hiryak
– Ellen Gonzales
– Heath Covey
– James Edwards
– Kathryn Jesse
– Kiki Collins
– Kimberly Hobbs
– Manan Shah
– Mary Riley
– Melinda Miller
– Nathan Smith
– Sanita Sherard
– Shawn Girvin
– Stephanie Cobb
– Tara Alexander
– Tasha Jones
– Virginia Fowler

Strategic planning experts, authors, data professionals, event planners and others to help with the process and provide insight on the methodology. 
– Sandra S. Nelson | Author, Strategic Planning for Results
– Dr. Tancy J. Vandecar-Burdin | Director, The Social Science Research Center (Old Dominion University)

The Community:
We’ll connect with a random sample of people in the community at Outreach events and collect survey data to help inform our process. (See WHERE for details.)

Community Retreat:
We’re planning a community planning jam session to include 60 carefully selected stakeholders to give us feedback and help us plan.

The Boss:
Amanda Jackson, Library Director will have final approval of everything at the end.