Staff Recommendation: Prince Lestat by Anne Rice

Lestat is my favorite vampire.

I have read Bram Stoker’s Dracula and seen countless on-screen adaptations, along with the lesser-known Victorian penny dreadfuls that inspired it. I’ve read Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse books and seen the first two seasons of the HBO show that followed. I’ve read all of Stephenie Meyer’s novels and seen all the movies. I’ve watched both the 1992 movie and the late-90s television series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’ve read Sunshine, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, The Society of S, Vampire Academy and seen more under-the-radar and near-impossible-to-find vampire movies than I care to admit to right now.

I bring all this up so that when I say, “Lestat is my favorite vampire,” you’ll understand exactly where I’m coming from.



Nevertheless, when I heard that Anne Rice was giving the world another novel featuring the so-called Brat Prince of the legendary and beloved Vampire Chronicles, I was both excited and a little bit nervous. The tenth book in the series, Blood Canticle, came out way back in 2003 when the gaps between novels had been only three or four years tops (excepting the gap between the first two, before the series really got popular). That’s a long time to wait for another book, and like many, I was convinced Rice had given up on the series altogether. So what would this new book be like? Would it bring back the magic I’d been craving? Or would it sink the series and make me turn to other things, as I’ve been doing in the long years since Lestat’s absence?

I’m thrilled to report that the Brat Prince did not disappoint me.

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Hemlock Grove by Brian McGreevy


Okay, this is kind of a “Rule Breaker” because it is not listed as a YA or Teen Book.  However, since it is ABOUT a bunch of Teenagers (and pretty interesting ones at that) maybe it won’t be scratched completely off the list.  I’ll admit I watched the Netflix series first before I went searching for this book.  The series was great, but the book is good too.

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