Game On series by Kristen Callihan


Sometimes, I like to read books that, as my father would put it, have “no social redeeming value.” I’m not learning anything like I would be if it were a non-fiction book or a biography. It doesn’t have any deep, underlying meaning about life like a lot of literary fiction. It’s not even super trendy, like a bestseller, where everyone wants to read the book, then talk about it.  It’s just reading for fun.

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Readers Wanted


The Chesapeake Public Library System will be holding a local author event at the Central Library on Saturday, October 29th from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. We will have local authors on hand to talk about their books, sell and autograph their books, discuss their work and writing process, and speak with any budding author who needs that spark of confidence. Laura Kitchell, author and editor, will give a talk on editors and what they can and can’t do for you at 11:30 am, and Denise Jeffries, Allie Marie, and Kristine Overbrook will discuss traditional publishing vs. self-publishing at 2:00 pm.

The following authors will be attending:

Alanea Alder Nikolas Larum
E. Ayers Andrew Linke
Karl Bogott Cecilie Linke
T.B. Bond Allie Marie
James Boyd Chris Martineau
Michelle Capucci Sophia McGregor
Kathy Collins Frank Monahan
J.D. Cunegan Kristine Overbrook
Dani Jace Ella Rite
Denise Jeffries Brenda Seabrooke
Barry Jordan Jr. Delona Southerland
Laura Kitchell Carolyn Spear
Daniele Lanzarotta

Staff Recommendation: Lost Stars




Hello everyone! If you weren’t aware of this, May the 4th is Star Wars Day. (“May the Fourth Be With You”–get it?) I got hooked on Star Wars books thanks to my marathon reading project last year, so now I’m finally reviewing Claudia Gray’s Lost Stars. Joe has been insisting that I read this book for months, and I see why: it is easily the best Star Wars book I have ever read.

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Staff Review: The Stage Dive Novel series

I love the anticipation of finding the “my next favorite author” whenever I wander the library shelves. I enjoy reading the book cover descriptions or sampling the first chapter of a book, as I’m on a quest for the perfect book for me.

I was thrilled last week as I looked through the books on the new book racks at the Central Library and discovered something new. The cover was provocative but tasteful, and the book’s description was just what I was looking for – a light read with some (okay, a lot) of romance and an intriguing plot. So, I checked it out.

I quickly realized that I had accidently selected the second book in a series called A Stage Dive Novel. However, it didn’t matter as I was able to follow along the story without having read the first book in the series. Each title in the four-part series tells the story from the perspective of a young woman and one of the band members. As usual, the course of true love doesn’t run smoothly, but isn’t that the best part of reading a romance, watching the process as two people fall in love and form a couple?


When Evelyn Thomas, a college student/ part-time barista, goes to Las Vegas to celebrate her 21st birthday with her friend Lauren, she hadn’t anticipated waking up the next morning hung over, lying on the floor of a bathroom next to an extremely attractive man who claims to be her husband. And that’s how Ev finds out that she married David Ferris, lead guitarist for the world famous rock band Stage Dive. How is she going to explain this to her father? And what is she going to do about the paparazzi and all those fans? If you want to find out what happens next, read the book. Continue reading “Staff Review: The Stage Dive Novel series”

Staff Review: Bound by Lorelei James


If you enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James, you will be blown away by Lorelei James’ Bound, the first title in “The Mastered” series.

When Amery Hardwick’s employee Molly signs up for a self-defense class in reaction to being mugged, Amery goes along for support. While at the dojo, she catches the attention of Sensei Ronin Black, owner of Black Arts, who is intrigued by her defiance and decides to personally get involved in her martial arts training. Soon, he begins to train her in more intimate settings – encouraging her to release her inhibitions and explore her sexual boundaries by using the ancient erotic arts of Japanese bondage. While being literally tied up into knots, Amery must come to terms with Ronin’s experienced, erotic skills and his mysterious past. Can she come to terms with his secrets and how he makes her feel, or will she leave him?

You can find Bound and other titles by the author, Lorelei James, in the Library’s collection. Enjoy!