Don't Play With Your Food


Before I even open up this topic, I have to admit that I am prejudiced. I DO NOT accept that technology always equals progress. If you think it does, then I’m asking you,“WHAT exactly are we progressing toward?”


By 2050, we will need to have figured out a way to feed nine billion people, found a solution to protect our drinking water from pollution, and -almost certainly- adjust to some kind of drastic climate change. All this at the same time, and in less than 40 years!

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The Swinging Pendulum


This morning as I was pouring milk into my second cup of sugared coffee (having just finished a breakfast of bacon and eggs).  I sat down and reached around my husband’s newspaper for the strawberry jelly to spread on my buttered biscuit, when I realized (with a guilty pang) that sitting in my refrigerator were 4 cups of YOGURT, a bowl of leftover FRUIT SALAD, and that I had GRANOLA cereal in the cupboard!