Darkest Fear


Vivi is genetically predisposed to turning into a jaguar. It is a family thing, and although her parents see it as a wonderful gift Vivi knows it makes her a freak. Vivi can’t change her parents, but she won’t be like them. In fact, Vivi plans to move as far away as possible at the earliest convenience… but Vivi’s plans change when her parents are brutally murdered right before her eyes. Vivi’s relationship with her parents was fraught with friction but life without them is beyond empty. Vivi is haunted by her parents’ death and the fear that the danger isn’t over yet.


This is a story about a shapeshifter… a girl on a journey… families (chosen and genetic)… living… becoming who you are meant to be… and accepting who you always were. I love it. My biggest complaint is that it ended too soon.


Thanks Simon Pulse for the free e-ARC!


Becoming Alpha by Aileen Erin


Tessa reads minds. She does not particularly enjoy it. Apparently there are a lot of perverse people in the world and they leave their nasty thoughts on the things they touch. Tessa is not a fan. Instead of rubbing elbows with the rich and famous clients her dad serves in L.A. she’d rather stick to her room where it is safe.

When Tessa’s family decides to move to Texas to start over, she decides to give socialization a try. One kiss with one impossibly handsome man changes everything and sets Tessa on the path to becoming Alpha.

Spoiler Alert:

There are werewolves.

This is a good read for sure!


I received a free advanced reader copy through Netgalley and Ink Monster LLC.

Spark The Elemental Series

I love the idea that the main characters of Brigid Kemmerer’s Elemental series are five guys, and let me say very hot guys. In the second book, Spark, our lead character Gabriel Merrick plays with fire, no seriously he can make fire bend to his will. Interesting. Gabriel and the four other guys in this series are called pure elementals they can control the elements, Wind, Earth, Fire and Water, with one who can control more than that ( read Storm). Pure elementals have such strong powers they can destroy the earth, and there are people who want to destroy the pure elementals. Gabriel and the others must fight to keep their secret and stay alive. Things get a little tricky for Gabriel when nerdy, Layne and her turtlenecks get under his skin. She is unimpressed with Gabriel, even though he saved her mentally challenged brother from serious beat downs many times. Layne has secrets and Gabriel wants to know what they are. Isn’t that the thing to do, when such a girl occupies your mind constantly. Then things get even worse for Gabriel when mysterious fires pop up all over town, and now he is the suspect or is he? Well at least that is what the others want to know.

Spark is awesome! It has enough action, snappy dialouge and of course hot guys to keep me in heaven. I say this is a win.

Teen Book Battles: The Morganville Vampires vs. The House of Night

I’m just feeling fang-y this week. Yesterday I gave you The Immortal Rules to chew on, and today I’m giving you some more decadent vampire love.



The Morganville Vampires


The House of Night


Claire Danvers knows a lot when she moves to Morganville- she’s kind of a genius with ivy league college ambitions but she doesn’t know about the vampires running her new town. Her parents thought it would be safer to send their precious daughter to a college close to home. Morganville is many things but safe isn’t one of them. After being brutalized by a fellow freshman, and a near brush with fangs, Claire is taken in by a trio of outcasts. She finds a home and friends in the Glass House.

Zoey Redbird has always known vampires exist, but it was kind of abstract until a tracker finds her at school and she is Marked as a fledgling. Even if her religious parental units could overlook the vampire in the house, Zoey can’t stay home. There’s only one safe place for a fledgling- The House of Night, a boarding school for baby vampires. Zoey finds a haven and friends in the House of Night.

Both books are delicious! Serious kudos to BOTH authors for creating such engaging worlds.

Rachel Caine (Morganville’s creator) gives us a fun mix of science and blood-suckers with plenty of politics, romance and terror.

P.C. and Kristen Cast (the mother-daughter duo behind The House of Night series) give us a mythical journey dipped in bloodshed with romance and drama on top.

Now down to the nitty gritty… if I were to recommend a single title, Marked would have a clear edge over The Glass House. This isn’t a battle of title vs. title, however, this is all about the long-haul, and Morganville always leaves me craving more.