Defining "Love" for Valentine’s Day


When you are very young, “LOVE” is easy to define. It’s what you feel for your family members and [hopefully] what they feel for you. When you are a little older, you include your dog, your best friend and your 3rd grade teacher. By the time you get to Junior High, you think love is that dizzy feeling you get whenever you see Gary Tushima. [He, of course, is older and doesn’t even notice you.] In High School, you are befuddled about love because of the angst in the songs you listen to and what you see in the movies. Then, your 5th period English Literature class warps your mind further by making “Romeo and Juliet” required reading. How are you to know?

Movie vs. Book: Horns

So I know it’s a bit late to jump on the horror train that comes around every year at Halloween, but I had to wait to see the movie before being able to write this review. Horns is the story of a young man, struggling to find a reason for life after his long-time girlfriend is raped and brutally murdered, a crime which he is thought to have committed, despite never being convicted.

Ignatius Perrish loved Merrin Williams since the very first day he saw her in church. She had signaled to Ig, with the gold cross around her neck, turning it this way and that in the sun, causing bright flashes of light to temporarily blind him. When he sees the cross lying in a heap on her pew after the service has ended, he knows he’s meant to return it.

At 15, Ig and Merrin fall in love.  Continue reading “Movie vs. Book: Horns”

One Past Midnight



How can one person have two lifes?

by Jessica Sirvington

First of all, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cover of this book!    And, the story is pretty amazing too.  The premise sort of reminded me (at first glance) of  Princess Fiona in the movie “Shrek”.