At Home Literacy Activity – Sight Words

What kid wouldn’t love a cute little word-a-pillar like this one?

What are sight words?

Sight words, or high frequency words, are the words that many teachers recommend children memorize or recognize on sight.  These words are often difficult to decode because they don’t follow the rules established for decoding English; in other words they are hard to sound out.  In the 1930’s a gentleman, by the name of Edward William Dolch, created a list of the 220 most common words found in children’s literature and determined that by recognizing these words children would gain better fluency in their reading.

How will learning sight words benefit my child?

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At Home Literacy Activity – Matching Pole


I found an awesome blog the other day while browsing Pinterest: Dyan Robson’s And Next Comes L! I was searching for interesting projects that teachers or parents can create to help their children with print awareness and literacy and the Matching Pole came up. I went to Dyan’s blog to see how it’s made, and guess what? It is incredibly easy! Here is the link to the blog – And Next Comes L. Try this simple activity at home. With the holidays upon us now, you could easily use leftover wrapping paper tubes and Christmas tags as supplies. Continue reading “At Home Literacy Activity – Matching Pole”

At Home Literacy Activity – Environmental Print

What is environmental print?  Environmental print is the print found in everyday life.  It is the name that is given to the print that you see on signs, labels and logos.  Children begin reading environmental print at early ages.  By doing this they are developing print awareness, one of the many steps needed when learning to read.

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