Library Provided Research Options

People always look to libraries for research assistance. They, after all, have lots of books! Beyond the books, however, we have many other resources for you to use, found on our Premium Websites page. Are you looking for a little more than a Google search result, and can’t find a library book to meet your needs? If so, this is the list for you! Bet you thought I would only talk about books, right?

Basic Research

  • Gale: Most of the databases listed on our Premium Websites page are linked to Gale. You can find research on anything from world history to home improvement. For students in need of scholarly journal articles for school projects, this website is a necessity.
  • EBSCOhost: This one is similar to Gale because it provides a lot of great resources for papers. The difference is that our subscription to Ebsco only gives you access to digital books, rather than articles or essays.
  • Kid Infobits: I share this one a lot with younger library customers. If you are looking for basic information on plants, animals, historical events and other basics, this one is helpful. This site is also from Gale, but it’s worth mentioning in a separate bullet because the reading level targets a younger audience.
  • Literati: This resource is available under “Services” instead of the Premium Websites page. In addition to provide online research options, Literati has an “Find a Teacher” feature that allows you to ask a person questions online and receive personal help for finding the answers and research you need.

Learn to Research

  • Universal Class: Use this site if you need help learning research best practices. It’s not a research resource itself, but you can use it to learn about a variety of topics. It even has a class called “Basic Research Skills” that will help you figure out research beyond the help provided in this blog post.

Historical Research

  • If you want to learn more about your family history, someone else’s, or just want to explore the genealogical information out there, this is a great site to use. The limitation is you can only use it inside the library, not from home.
  • HeritageQuest: This one provides many of the same resources as Ancestry, with the added plus of being accessible from home!
  • America’s Newspapers, America’s Obituaries & Death Notices, Virginian Pilot: All powered by Newsbank Inc., these sites allow you to search newspapers online. Find obituaries and death notices as far back as 1860, and general newspaper results from 1985 to now.

Local Research

Now that you know what to use, all that remains is deciding what research!

What’s all the hoopla about Hoopla?

hoopla mosaic

A name is destiny, or so it’s been said. A person, a place or even something as fluid and impersonal as an online media service’s path in life might be molded and shaped – or rise and fall – based on its given moniker. Names can be powerful. They can be bold, like “Brutus,” or weak, like “Walter.” Names can be self-fulfilling, and they are often our first impression of something or someone. Back in the 1970’s, Chevrolet learned a hard lesson when it tried to market the Nova in Latin America, where “no va” means “it doesn’t go.” With that said, while there’s a degree of truth in this statement about names and destiny, there are also no certainties in life and there are always, ALWAYS exceptions. In the case of Hoopla, the Chesapeake Public Library’s new digital music and movie platform, let’s cross our fingers and hope for the latter. Its name implies that this service is much ado about nothing. That’s unfortunate. Having spent some time poring over its considerable musical offerings, I can assure you it simply isn’t true. Continue reading “What’s all the hoopla about Hoopla?”