Staff Recommendation: The Terror

With the upcoming series The Terror scheduled to air on AMC this March, I decided to take a look at the Dan Simmons novel which inspired it. This thriller about sailors stranded in the Arctic ice is based on the true story of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition in the mid-19th century. During an attempt to find and plot the so-called Northwest Passage, a treacherous venture through frozen territory, over one hundred crewmen and two British warships — one of which was HMS Terror — vanished in the ice.

Book cover for Dan Simmons's The Terror

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Understanding CPL Call Numbers Part 2

In the first installment of Understanding CPL Call Numbers, I gave an overview of some basic terms you’ll be seeing in the coming installments, as well as, a few examples of call numbers you will run into when seeking items on the shelf.  In this installment, I just want to talk a little bit more about print fiction for adults. Continue reading “Understanding CPL Call Numbers Part 2”

Understanding CPL Call Numbers Part 1

When you think of libraries, you usually think of books. Lots of books. And you wonder how there could be so many housed in one building. And how you can find where one particular book is located. And now there is so much more than books. There are fiction and nonfiction books. Hardcover and paperback books. Small “trade paperback” books. Large print books. Children’s and teenagers’ books. And books on CD. And DVDs. And blu-ray movies. And music CDs. It’s enough to be intimidating to the causal library user.

Well, fear no more. In the next few installments of “Understanding CPL Call Numbers,” I am going to give you a brief thumbnail sketch of the call number system used by CPL (Chesapeake Public Library), which will hopefully take the mystery out of navigating call numbers. In this first installment, though, I am going to spend a little time defining a few terms that will enable the rest of the installments to make more sense. In the installments to follow, I will give you more detail about the letters and numbers as they relate to fiction and nonfiction, children and young adult materials, and audio-visual materials.  With this guide in hand, then, you will be armed with all you need to be able to find any item on any shelf in any Chesapeake Public Library!

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Bloodlines – Silver Shadows – Richelle Mead

In Silver Shadows Sydney has just been kidnapped by the alchemists and taken to a rehabilitation center. She struggles to free herself while keeping her mind intact and her feelings for those she loves secret. She is considered a lost cause by all in the Moroi world except Adrian Ivashkov, who is determined to find her. No spoilers here! You will have to read the series from start to finish to find out what happens.

Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy spin-off Bloodlines is getting ready to wrap up. Bloodlines takes those minor characters you loved like Sydney Sage, Adrian Ivashkov, Eddie, and Jill and a few new comers and develops them deeper so that, as a reader, you come to love them just as much as you did Rose, Dimitri, and Lissa. Continue reading “Bloodlines – Silver Shadows – Richelle Mead”