BOB Book Winner 2018-Mystery


Written like a play in three acts, The Capybara Conspiracy by Erica S. Perl follows what happens when Olive and Renaldo kidnap their school’s mascot – a capybara.  These Drama Club members are frustrated with the preferential treatment that athletic programs receive at Farley Middle School.  Holding Cappy -the Capybara– for ransom as a protest seemed like a good idea at first, but soon everything goes wrong.




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a strange case of show and tell

As any of my co-workers could easily attest to, I am a magnet for the strange. Like a bad, and ironically, never-ending episode of the Twilight Zone, peculiar people and situations seem to find their way to my personal coordinates almost every single day. I wish I could say this only happens at work, but no. It manifests itself everywhere. I apparently carry an invisible portal along with me that beckons dark and bizarre forces from far-off, dusty corners of the universe, and each of these forces passes in and out of the portal at will with explicit orders to swirl solely around me, making my day-to-day reality as off kilter as possible.  I also wish I could say that this has only been a recent or fleeting phenomenon. Quite to the contrary, however, and whether benign or malevolent, these excursions into the curious, these visitations by the freakish and the grotesque, have been occurring for as long as I can remember. It would appear that I am cursed for life. Continue reading “a strange case of show and tell”

At Home Literacy Activity – Sight Words

What kid wouldn’t love a cute little word-a-pillar like this one?

What are sight words?

Sight words, or high frequency words, are the words that many teachers recommend children memorize or recognize on sight.  These words are often difficult to decode because they don’t follow the rules established for decoding English; in other words they are hard to sound out.  In the 1930’s a gentleman, by the name of Edward William Dolch, created a list of the 220 most common words found in children’s literature and determined that by recognizing these words children would gain better fluency in their reading.

How will learning sight words benefit my child?

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At home literacy activity

Let me start by saying “I love Pinterest!”  As a former preschool teacher, pinterest has aided me in many lesson plans and provides a wonderful spot to find new ideas to teach the same old thing.  With that said, one of my favorite activities (found on Pinterest)  is Vanessa Levin’s Nursery Rhyme Fluency Sticks.  These sticks create a fun and playful way to engage children in reading nursery rhymes.  Check out one of the many nursery rhyme books the Chesapeake Public Library has to offer and read them in these fun and crazy voices.

Engaging in simple activities that involve talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing, like the one above, help children get ready for school. Children entering kindergarten with pre-reading skills have greater success throughout their educational journey.

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