Jumanji through the Years

Jumanji is one of those films I watched as a child only because it regularly played on TBS. It’s a weird movie that I enjoyed for no particular reason, other than that it has an intriguing premise that was fun to reenact with friends.

Adapting picture books into movies is always an interesting process. Picture books aren’t plot-focused so making a movie adaptation is more about representing the “essence” of the book than it is about retelling the story. Chris Van Allsburg’s premise is simple: Judy and Peter play a board that brings each challenge to life within their home. Though startled by animal stampedes and thieving monkeys, the kids have no problem powering through the game and winning. Continue reading “Jumanji through the Years”

Book vs. Movie: Before I Fall

I discovered “Before I Fall” about a year after its publication, and it has been one of my favorite books since then. A lot of Lauren Oliver’s books have been optioned as movies over the years, but never made it past the screenplay development process. “Delirium” was even turned into a TV show, only for it to stop production after filming the pilot episode. Because I expected “Before I Fall” to have the same results as Oliver’s others books—that it would never have the movie—I was genuinely surprised (and excited) when I saw Lauren Oliver share a trailer on Twitter.
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