Looking for Alaska by John Green

Reviewing Looking for Alaska is relevant for two reasons. The first is that John Green has a new book coming out next month called Turtles All the Way Down. [His older books are likely receiving a resurgence in popularity because of Turtles All the Way Down.] It’s also Banned Books Week in the U.S., and Looking for Alaska is a frequently challenged book as reported by ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom. It made the Top 10 Most Challenged Books list in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016, with the book taking the number one spot in 2015.

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Banned Books Week

It’s Banned Books Week across the country. Check out any of our CPL locations for a display in recognition of the holiday!

What is Banned Books Week? It’s a week to celebrate the freedom to read. This year it begins Sept. 24 and ends Sept. 30.

Libraries, schools and more use Banned Books Week as an opportunity to spotlight frequently challenged and/or banned books, and speak out about the dangers of censoring. The Office for Intellectual Freedom recorded 323 challenges in 2016. [That’s 48 more than in 2015.] Reasons for challenging (requesting the removal of a book in a library), and then consequently banning (removing the book from a library), change over the years. Continue reading “Banned Books Week”

Banned Books Week – six word summary showdown

We’re kicking off

Banned Books Week

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Here’s how it works –

Choose your favorite Banned or Challenged Book. Some great places to look for titles are



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Here’s the first showdown to get things started:

M. T. Anderson

Is it


in your head


Worst trip to the moon.  Ever.