Trying Out Audiobooks

There’s an argument between readers and non-readers alike over whether listening to an audiobook qualifies as reading. My opinion is that though listening does not involve the physical act of looking at words, listening to a book involves the same mental interpretation and imagination as reading a book in your hands. So, yes, I consider audiobook listening to be real reading.

Despite this opinion, I never listened to an audiobook until now. I enjoy the visual aspect of reading, so I never considered doing otherwise. Many have told me to listen to one while driving, but I like listening to music. I did not consider audiobooks until a few weeks ago. Continue reading “Trying Out Audiobooks”

So You Think You Can Read: Tips for the 52 Book Challenge

It’s January 2015, and you’re thinking about or have already committed to taking the 52 Book Challenge (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, see the next paragraph). For most adults, reading 52 books in one year is quite a feat. Being the seasoned veteran of the challenge that I am (third year running!), I would like to share some tips for sticking with the challenge and getting it done.

[For those of you who are unfamiliar with this challenge, it’s pretty simple: Read one book a week for the entire year. In other words, read 52 books in 2015. CPL adopted the challenge last year, and we had nearly 400 people participate so we’re bringing it back for another year! To sign up or to learn more about the 52 Book Pickup (CPL’s name for the challenge), click here.]

1. Walk away from duds

Give up! And no, I don’t mean give up on the challenge. Continue reading “So You Think You Can Read: Tips for the 52 Book Challenge”