Picture Books By Kevin Sherry

When I started working for Chesapeake Public Libraries, I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean was one of best picture books introduced to me. Reading a bunch of Sherry’s other books was a no-brainer.

I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry
This tale includes the bragging of a squid who thinks he is the biggest creature in the ocean. He swims around the ocean, looking at the various creatures that cannot compare to his size. Each creature is cute in its own way, but even more interesting in that is that all these cute, animated characters also have a bit of realism to them. The book makes good use of fold out pages and spacing. It is the main character/squid, however, that brings readers in. If you know anything about the ocean, you know that squids are not the biggest creatures that live in it. Even so, that is not enough to damper the squid’s spirit… Continue reading “Picture Books By Kevin Sherry”

Picture Books with Bears

The Bear Ate Your Sandwich by Julia Sarcone-Roach
In this story, an unknown narrator talks about the thievery of someone’s sandwich. A bear, after eating many basketfuls of berries, foolishly falls asleep in a truck. As a result, he is whisked away from the buzzing forest to a rumbling city. The bear’s new location is unfamiliar, but he repurposes it for temporary forest needs, that is, until the most delicious sandwich in the world catches his eye. The technique behind the art in this story is amazing…colorful, light, almost like watercolors, but not quite. From beginning to end this book was a joy to read…especially for that surprise ending. Continue reading “Picture Books with Bears”

Picture Books with Cats

Posy by Linda Newberry & Catherine Rayner

For reasons unknown, I thought Posy would be a lamb when I saw the title. Posy, in reality, is a very cute kitten. This story follows the daily life of a stereotypical cat. Posy likes to wipe his whiskers and swipe plenty of crayons…and a lot of other nouns/verbs phrases that follow a rhyme pattern. The art gives a double effect, one of sloppiness, and one of realism. This leads to intricate, fascinating images. Posy depicts everything a cat will ever be recognized for doing. For young cat lovers, that makes reading this book an excellent choice.

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