Because staff are the most important asset of our library, we’re including staff input at multiple steps along the way!  The team kicked off the planning process, in January of 2019, by responding to questions leading up to Staff Development Day that asked the following:


  1. Not counting your alarm clock, what gets you up in the morning?
  2. What community problems keep you up at night?  Let’s make some friends! Who can we partner with to help us solve problems in our community?
  3. I can’t live without my ___. If we offered ____, our customers would wonder how they ever lived without it.  Customers always ask for …. but we don’t do that.
  4. Imagine the perfect library. What makes it special and exciting?
  5. What are the best, most successful companies (regardless of industry) doing to grow customer relationships? How can we emulate them?


Based on the responses, we synthesized the data to represent the following focuses:

  • People
  • Collection
  • Design
  • Outreach & Programming
  • Technology

During Staff Development Day, in March, staff discussed the focuses in breakout workshops and offered insight and direction on community needs that will funnel into our final Strategic Plan. 

In July we visited locations to give updates, an overview of our progress, and obtain staff votes for the top six service responses. 

Staff selected the following responses:

  1. Connect to the Online World
  2. Create Young Readers
  3. Know Your Community
  4. Learn to Read and Write
  5. Satisfy Curiosity
  6. Make Career Choices

Click here to learn more about each service response.