To make additional materials available to Resident and Full-Service Chesapeake Public Library (CPL) cardholders by borrowing from other library systems.


Interlibrary loans (ILL) are materials borrowed from other library systems on behalf of CPL at the request of CPL cardholders


  • Resident and Full-Service CPL cardholders with accounts in good standing are eligible to request ILL items.
  • ILL requests are submitted online at infopeake.org
  • Five (5) ILL requests and/or checked-out items may be active at one time.
  • Lending period and renewals are determined by the lending institution.
  • Fees are charged for costs associated with obtaining ILL items, including postage fees charged by lending institutions.
  • If a customer fails to pick up three (3) consecutive filled requests, ILL lending privileges will be suspended for one (1) year.
  • Some materials, such as new releases, audiovisual materials, genealogical items, reference and research materials, etc. may not be available through ILL request.
  • Microfilm is not available through ILL requests.


  • Postage fees:
    • Determined by weight of item and upon receipt from lending library
    • Additional fees may be charged for insurance by lending library
    • Full-service cardholders: responsible for one-way postage fee
    • Customers are responsible for postage fees whether or not they check out the item
  • ILL fees are paid at time of check-out
  • ILL items not returned by the designated due date are charged an overdue fine of $0.50 per day
  • Customers are charged for unreturned ILL items; replacement costs and/or additional fees are determined by the lending library.

Please submit one item request per form.

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