Holiday Hiring Doldrums

Is the job market frozen?

The job market between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is pretty quiet compared to earlier in the fall, when retailers were frantically hiring for the holiday shopping season.  Even the local city employment websites seem to have shorter lists of openings. That’s not to say jobs aren’t out there, but it’s almost as if some employers don’t want to be bothered hiring anybody new at this time of year unless it’s absolutely necessary.   I call it the holiday hiring doldrums.   Have no fear, things always pick up soon after the New Year rolls in. Continue reading “Holiday Hiring Doldrums”

Cheap, Cheap, Cheap

Yellow Warbler in a Thicket

Our family was “green” before it was cool. We weren’t called “green” back then; we were called “cheap”. I don’t consider us to be tightwads.  I prefer to think of us as thrifty. We’ve always shopped at consignment stores, bought 2nd hand cars, cooked at home and (YIKES!) even eaten leftovers. Refrigerator Soup Recipe. There’s not much in my house that isn’t pre-owned, but I don’t feel deprived. I feel liberated.

Thursday Thirteen – Job Help

Thirteen Tools for Job Hunters at the Chesapeake Public Libraries

1) Learning Express- with GED test preparation, job search & work place skills (where you’ll find sections on business writing, job search,resumes, and interviewing), as well as Jobs & Careers (licensing, certification, and aptitude practice tests).

2) Business and Career Resource Center- lets you search by company or by industry (by SIC or NAICS codes or by industry description), search for articles, or even search the contents of a specific publication.

3) Reference USA- provides detailed information on more than 12 million US businesses and 683,000 US health-care providers.

4) Microsoft Word- with wizards that help you format both your resume and your cover letter, as well as spell check and grammar check, Word helps you prepare that all important first impression. One warning though: spell check only tells you the word is spelled correctly, not if it is the write word.

5) Fax Machine- It’s free and self-service.

6) Computer classes- times and days vary by library.

7) Job club- times and days also vary by library

8) Notary- availability depends on staff schedule, you may want to call your library first.

9) Internet Access- now with a first come/first serve sign up kiosk.

10) Books- to help research businesses, resume writing, fighting stress, or a relaxing read to get away from it all.

11) Audiobooks- whether they are CDs, MP3s, or playaways- these are books to enjoy on the go.

12) Music CDs/DVDs- nothing should take all of your time- even job hunting.

13) Helpful Staff- we can get you started on the computers, lead you to websites, help you find the answers to (most) questions, and even recommend a good book or movie.