A clean, well-lighted place: co-working at the library

"focus" by dkalo is licensed under CC BY SA 2.0

“focus” by dkalo is licensed under CC BY- SA 2.0

I’ve freelanced as a writer, editor, and even mystery shopper, and finding my focus was often the most difficult part of any assignment. My messy home office held too many distractions, and my local coffee shop could be noisy and crowded. At the library, though, I got more done in less time alongside others like me looking for a clean and quiet place to work. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was co-working when, well, co-working wasn’t cool. Who knew?

Today, co-working spaces are a trending option for anyone working outside the cubicle. With resources like WiFi, printers, fax machines, and copiers, co-working spaces are a productive refuge for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and telecommuters. What’s more, co-working spaces attract like-minded individuals to network and share ideas. Although fee-based co-working spaces can be found in Hampton Roads, the Chesapeake Public Library (CPL) serves as a similar resource at no or minimal cost to library customers. Continue reading “A clean, well-lighted place: co-working at the library”

Funding Your Start-Up

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So you’ve finally settled on an idea for a business. The background research is done, and your sensible business plan has been completed. Now for the financing. Traditional bank loans, microloans, credit cards and money from family and friends all have certain risks. These risks can have long lasting effects on your credit rating, ability to raise future capital and family standing. “But how else can I get funding?” you may ask. One method rising in popularity is crowdfunding. Continue reading “Funding Your Start-Up”

Help for Job Seekers at Chesapeake Public Library

It’s been a while since our list of services for job seekers has been updated in the blog, so I thought it was time to take care of that matter.

Computers: Use our computers for filling out online job applications, writing resumes and cover letters, checking your email, looking for jobs and printing out your resume. Most locations also have laptop computers that can be checked out for use inside the library; these laptops allow you to have a 4 hour computer session, which is very helpful when doing lengthy online applications. Continue reading “Help for Job Seekers at Chesapeake Public Library”

Holiday Hiring Doldrums

Is the job market frozen?

The job market between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is pretty quiet compared to earlier in the fall, when retailers were frantically hiring for the holiday shopping season.  Even the local city employment websites seem to have shorter lists of openings. That’s not to say jobs aren’t out there, but it’s almost as if some employers don’t want to be bothered hiring anybody new at this time of year unless it’s absolutely necessary.   I call it the holiday hiring doldrums.   Have no fear, things always pick up soon after the New Year rolls in. Continue reading “Holiday Hiring Doldrums”