Thank You For Your Service – Veteran’s Day 2016

L to R – My Grandmother Stella, My Grandfather E.C, My Grandmother’s twin Ella

“Dear Miss Stella,

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The 10 Movies I Watch Every Halloween

Welcome to another October! Anyone who’s known me for a little while knows that this is my favorite time of year, and that Halloween is my favorite holiday. For the past several years, I have challenged myself to watch thirty-one scary movies during the month–one for every day leading up to Halloween. It’s tricky, and the longer I do this the harder it is to find new movies to fill up all the days. However, there are a handful that I make of point of rewatching every year because they are my all-time favorites. Click on the titles below to see each movie’s entry in our catalog.

hocus-pocus   army-of-darkness   sleepy-hollow   crimson-peak   the-crow

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The 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky


If you are like me, this Fourth of July holiday will involve family cookouts in the backyard and outdoor concerts with fireworks. A frequent musical piece played during these patriotic concerts is Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. If you are fortunate, the orchestral piece will include a choir singing, live church bells chiming and cannon fire booming in a grand finale. When the fireworks are choreographed to coincide with the crescendos, it’s just magical.

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