The Word on the Street

Photo of library stacks in heart shapeOur customers have a lot to say about their library–so much that we can’t keep it to ourselves! Read on to find out what the library means to one customer…

My Library is a quiet place,

To read and think and ponder.

My Library is a place that takes me other places,

Here and there and yonder.

My Library is full of kings and queens and castles in distant lands

And all those things I can hold, in either of my hands.

My Library is full of mystery, love and romance

But also helps me fix my car, and shows me how to sew my pants.

My Library contains a billion words upon a million pages

Something for everyone to read, no matter what their ages.

My Library is there come rain or shine, in darkened sky, or blue,

There’s always something new to see, or hear or do.

My Library isn’t just for me, it’s also there for you.

-“Love My Library” 2018 submission

Thank you for all your kind words and for the opportunity to serve you every day.

Chesapeake cares | a special Christmas delivery

Holiday cards in front of Christmas tree

Be blessed. You are loved. You are not forgotten. Residents of a local senior living facility heard these and similar words firsthand through a special Christmas delivery orchestrated by Chesapeake Public Library employees, Rhonda Porter and Arlice Mitchell. “I wanted to bring some holiday love and cheer to them so they know they’re not forgotten,” Rhonda said, and came up with a plan that would connect the seniors to their community in a festive and fun way. Over the course of several weeks she set out blank Christmas cards and pens at the checkout station and invited customers to sign them and write messages; then she and Arlice arranged a special visit to the center.

Rhonda sitting at table filled with holiday cards
Rhonda poses with some of the Christmas cards

During their visit, they lead the residents in a sing-along of Christmas favorites like “Jingle Bells,” “Away in a Manger,” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” some even inspired enough to dance along. Arlice gave out books she had collected and wrapped up like presents. When they handed out the cards, however, some teared up. “I’m going to cherish this,” one resident said as she hugged her card, and some admitted this was the first card they had received this season. All in all, Rhonda and Arlice delivered 35 cards with over 450 signatures and well-wishes from the Deep Creek community—and over 450 reminders that they are indeed not forgotten.

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