Once again, I was wandering the stacks looking for something good to read when I happened upon the book, Class Mom. Since I didn’t guide a child through the modern day school system, nor did I remember that my own mother did much more beyond attend a couple of parent-teacher meetings each year, I didn’t think I would be able to relate to this story. Boy, oh, boy, was I wrong!

Jen Dixon is raising her second family in a more conventional manner than she did with her first family. She’d been a single mom to her two college-aged daughters; her souvenirs of a colorful past. But her young son Max, the result of her marriage with her husband, Ron Dixon, was starting kindergarten and Jen gets coerced into sharing her wisdom as an older mom.

Anyway, I was captured by the pure snark Jen shares with the other class parents via constant emails as she communicates with and organizes the other parents on behalf of the slightly strange, but highly effective teacher, Miss Ward, into providing snacks, field trips, and social/ planning events for the kids and parents. However, I think she became my hero when she mentions that she takes notes on the email response times and always assigns a family to bring wine to every event. And isn’t that something we all secretly wish we could do in real life?

So, if you think you would enjoy experiencing the perils of parent-teacher politics – from the mom with the kid who’s allergic to everything, to the über-entitled mom and her clone, the former high school crush aka Suchafox!, and the moms who don’t quite get Jen’s humor – I heartily recommend this book. I can only imagine what happens when Max moves up to the first grade! Maybe the author will write a sequel.

Do you have any humorous book(s) you would recommend?


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