If you love books, something inspired that love along the way. Whether another person did, or a specific book did, something brought you to the point where you began to love books. And for those who had a slower descent into the love of reading, several books and people might have inspired it. For me, there was a single moment where I went from reading indifference to loving to read.

The defining book of my reading experience is Rumpelstiltskin. Specifically, I love the version by Paul Zelinsky. The eerie cover is pictured above. Before it, I was indifferent to reading. I never spent time to read outside of school. Most of the time it bored me. In first grade, we were divided into reading groups. While other groups met to read a story out loud, the rest of us would work on other assignments and/or do some silent reading. I didn’t care about my reading group, much less any of the others, until a different group began reading Rumpelstiltskin.

Something about the story enchanted me. Though I had other tasks, all I could do was listen to the story. In retrospect, it should probably concern me that I found this book captivating as a six year old; Rumpelstiltskin is a fairy tale that remains creepy in its tamest form. Even so, my early attraction to the story is the reason why I love reading today.

In listening to the weirdness that is Rumpelstiltskin, I made an important discovery. Reading is only as interesting as the books I read, and what I read was not interesting. Upon realizing a book could interest me, I made an effort to find books I enjoyed, and therefore began reading for fun…all the time.

With my Rumpelstiltskin experience in mind, I want you to answer this question: At what moment did you begin to love reading? Or, depending on your own reading experience, it may be easier to answer this question: Why do you love to read? Share your answer in the comments!


Michaela is a Youth Services Library Assistant for CPL. When she isn't at work, she can be found reading young adult fiction books, visiting a local movie theater or fangirling about all things related to Star Wars.

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One thought on “Beginning to Love Reading

  1. I do not remember when I knew that I loved to read; it was something I always remember doing. I remember the first book I ever checked out of the library (Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm); the library in the town I grew up in was in the police station then. I remember reading about Maria Von Trapp on a family camping trip. Going to the local Toys R Us and looking at all the Nancy Drew books. I remember my mother yelling at me to get ready for school as I read Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot. I wanted to be a nun after reading A Nun’s Story (and I am not Catholic). I remember getting teary-eyed reading Charlotte’s Web. Reading the latest Danielle Steel with my friends in college as a break from textbooks. It was a big part of my childhood, and continues to be a source of pleasure, respite, and joy.

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