Leading up to Read Local, which will be held at Central Library on Saturday, November 4th from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, I will be spotlighting different authors who will be attending the event. Take a peek at my question and answer session with Alanea…

1) Do you write your first draft by hand or type? I outline by hand, but I type my first draft.

2) Pantser or Plotter? I plot to give myself guide posts to ‘pants’ between.

3) Research- before or during? Both. I usually forget to look up something.

4) Favorite genre to write? Paranormal.

5) What inspired you to write? I have always been an avid reader, so the multitude of books I’ve read.

6) Is there a genre that you haven’t written in yet, but is something that interests you? Paranormal mystery. I love cozy mysteries.

7) Who is the author who has influence you the most? Tamora Pierce and Anne McCaffrey because they write/wrote such strong females.

8) Best piece of advice someone has given you? Write the book you want to read.

9) Who is your favorite author? Tamora Pierce.

10) What is your favorite book on writing/reference source? BehindTheName.com. It helps me choose character names.

Bonus Question: if you could go anywhere for a writer’s retreat, where would it be? A log cabin in the North Carolina mountains.

Thank you, Alanea! If you’d like to hear more, come to our Read Local 3 breakout session at 11:30 am where she will share her perspective on self-publishing. See you there!


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