There are many weird holidays year-round of which the general public is unaware. Some have been popularized over the years by businesses, like Flip Flop Day as promoted by Tropical Smoothie Café, or Talk Like a Pirate Day as promoted by Krispy Kreme. Here are a few upcoming holidays you may not have heard before. (Maybe one of them will become part of a future business promotion…)

August 8: Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day

  • I was weirded out by this one at first…why does a holiday exist for such a specific task?…but ultimately this one has an interesting backstory. It was a holiday founded in response to a zucchini surplus, to help people get rid of their extra zucchini. These days people who celebrate this holiday probably do it to promote a healthy lifestyle.

August 27 Just Because Day

  • Obscure holidays are the best. Just Because what? One article online said this day began from one guy gifting his wife “just because.” I guess it caught on. Use this day to do whatever you want!

September 6 Fight Procrastination Day

  • September is also Self Improvement Month, so this day is eerily appropriate for the month. It would likely be a good move for everyone if we celebrated this day by doing something we would otherwise push off to another day.

September 28 Ask a Stupid Question Day

  • My stupid question for this day: why is there a day for asking stupid questions? Well, according to Wikipedia (and a few other sites–Wikipedia on its own is not reliable!), it began so students would ask more questions in class. Not a bad idea, though the day has probably been repurposed in recent years to be less about natural curiosity and more about being annoying.

October 23 National Mole Day

  • If you thought Pi Day was a big deal, meet Mole Day. Attend a high school chemistry class in October and you’ll know this day is not about the underground-dwelling animal, but rather about a significant number in the field of chemistry, 6.022×1023. What makes Mole Day a strange holiday is how some high school classrooms acknowledge it. When my high school chemistry class celebrated Mole Day back in the day, we went all out. We played Mole Day games and ate Mole Day cake. Our teacher had a mole-themed rap battle with a student. We even voted for a Mole Day King & Queen. That year Mole Day coincided with homecoming, and my high school loved celebrating homecoming, so the party was a welcome reprieve from classwork. High school chemistry students across the country (and possibly the world) wish everyday was Mole Day.


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