I see a lot of movies in theaters. And when the movie in question is a Marvel movie, I’m probably going to see it on opening weekend. Spider-Man: Homecoming was no exception. Below is a mini review, my ranking of the mainstream Spider-Man movies (because everyone is doing a ranking), and some comic book suggestions for those who want something beyond the movies.

  1. Spider-Man Homecoming: For once, Hollywood cast age appropriate actors for a movie about high school students. The movie had a lot of great cameos from other Marvel stars like Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau, and had one of Marvel Studio’s better developed onscreen villains with Michael Keaton’s Vulture. Overall, this movie was pure fun.
  2. Spider-Man 2: Several memorable, emotional moments come to mind when I think of this Spider-Man. For most, this remains one of best superhero movies of all time.
  3. Spider-Man: This movie the gold standard for an origin story, and its success is why they thought making a carbon-copy with a new cast was a good idea. (Hint: It wasn’t.)
  4. The Amazing Spider-Man: I would have liked this one more, but was enraged to see such a close repeat of the original movie. The origin story was done before and we didn’t need to see it so soon after the first movie series. On a positive note, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone had amazing chemistry.
  5. Spider-Man 3: Like it or not, this movie is the source of many great memes. Harry Osborne also got a nice redemptive moment that could have been a strong ending to a better movie.
  6. The Amazing Spider-Man 2: It repeats all the failures of Spider-Man 3—too much plot, too many villains—without any of the crash-and-burn, dramatic failures that made the other one so great to bash.

Movie rankings—and bad sequels—aside, there’s a lot of fun to be had with watching & reading about Spider-Man. Before Disney made the Avengers, Spider-Man was one of Marvel’s best known properties. Here are a few comic book options available at CPL for those interested in going beyond the movies (and haven’t already):

Ultimate Spider-Man
Most online speculation about Homecoming says the Ultimate series provided a lot of inspiration for the most recent movie. Brian Michael Bendis wrote a lot of this series, and in the comic book world, his name in the byline is almost always a good thing.

Spider-Man: Everything You Read…
I am recommending this one specifically because Prowler is in it. With Donald Glover (a very popular casting choice) playing Aaron Davis in Homecoming, it seems likely that Prowler will make a future appearance in the movies. (I should note, however, that I didn’t have a chance to pick this up before posting and I’m not sure if this particular Prowler is Aaron Davis.)

Miles Morales fans probably noticed a brief shout-out to this character in Homecoming. However brief that teaser may be, today Morales’s identity as Spider-Man is as popular as Peter Parker’s.



Michaela is a Youth Services Library Assistant for CPL. When she isn't at work, she can be found reading young adult fiction books, visiting a local movie theater or fangirling about all things related to Star Wars.

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4 thoughts on “Spider-Man: Homecoming & Beyond

  1. I finally saw Spider-Man: Homecoming this weekend, and it instantly became my favorite of the bunch. Truthfully, I didn’t see any of the Andrew Garfield movies, partly because of what you said about rehashing the origin story–I just didn’t need to see that part of the story again, at least not so soon after the last trilogy ended.

    Have you been reading Silk or Spider Gwen at all? I’ve heard really good things about both but haven’t really checked out the Spider-Verse in the comics much yet. Good review, and thanks for the recommendations!

    1. I haven’t read many comics myself, but I’ve heard of Silk and Spider Gwen! Definitely interested in both of those storylines.

    2. Laurel! I highly recommend Spider-Gwen if you are into multiverse storytelling (I.e. Alternate takes on familiar characters). I’ve been keeping up with it when I can. The art is often fun and dynamic which really sells the story and Gwen is just as quick with the jokes as Parker ever was. Give it a shot!

      Michaela!!! Fantastic review and I think I am 100% on board with your ranking. I loved Andrew Garfield as Peter and his relationship with Emma Stone is perfection, but the films overall lacked something. As for the Tobey Spidey, he was fun and the films come off very comic-booky (is that even a word? I don’t think it is but I’m using it) but still they had heart. Well, maybe to 3, but I digress. Homecoming was just solid all around. Personally, I loved that it had a John Hughes vibe, so much so that it avoided current music and went straight to 80’s staples. Even though the film lacks a solid love interest (IMHO) it still plays remarkably well. This is pretty much on the back of Keaton’s villian, who feels completely grounded and believable. A sort of anti-Tony Stark if you will.

      Again, great review Michaela! I’m glad to see your contributions to the blog. Keep up the good work.

      1. Hey Joe!! Spider-Gwen is definitely on my list. I’m reading Silk now and really enjoying it.
        Thanks for saying that about the “John Huges vibe.” I was definitely picking up on that, but couldn’t quite figure out what to call it. It’s interesting seeing Keaton as a villain in the MCU when he’s so well-known for being a fairly prominent hero in DC. I did not see that twist coming about him being Liz’s father though. That probably shocked me the most, but in a fun way.

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