Hello comic book fans! If you’re in the mood for something weird and wonderful, I have the perfect recommendation for you.

Doom Patrol, Vol. 1: Brick By Brick is the flagship comic from DC’s brand new Young Animal imprint. Written by Eisner winner and imprint curator Gerard Way, Brick By Brick is a reboot of the classic Doom Patrol comic from the 1960s. The team was originally created by Arnold Drake, then repopularized for later generations by Grant Morrison in the 1980s. Way’s incarnation is a kaleidescopic fever dream of singing telegrams, sentient robots, a space ambulance that leaves a rainbow jetstream in its wake, time travel, and a missing cat. The main protagonist is Casey Brinke, one of a handful of new characters written for the reboot, who meets up with the scattered members of the original team one by one as their enemies chase them across time, space, and reality.

Apparently some readers found the story too confusing and outlandish to follow. I didn’t have that issue, but that probably says more about me than it does about the comic as a whole. From the beginning, Doom Patrol had a reputation as one of the most eccentric superhero comics in DC’s line, a reputation that continued to expand and evolve over the years. If you haven’t read any of the previous versions of this series, don’t worry. Familiarity with this team might give you a passing recognition of some of the characters, but this creation is very much its own animal.

Way’s Doom Patrol is fast-paced, colorful, absurd, and a lot of fun. It’s also a surprisingly uplifting and adventuresome ride through one of the strangest fictional worlds you’ll ever encounter.

Check out Doom Patrol, Vol. 1: Brick By Brick here. If you want more surreal adventures and misfit superheros, I also recommend Way’s award-winning Umbrella Academy series, and his standalone comic The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.

If you’d like to go back to the origins of this comic series, check out Arnold Drake’s Doom Patrol Archives; or Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol.



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