Winner of the Wig Out! Contest Announced

In September 2016, the library took part in the Tidewater Reads initiative in which nine library systems encouraged their communities to read Shine Shine Shine by local author Lydia Netzer. The main character, Sunny, has been bald since birth and hides her baldness with wigs. After her wig flew off during a car accident and her baldness is revealed to her friends and neighbors, she attempts to replace another wig on her head. A friend stops her and informs her that she needs to declare her difference by not wearing the wig any longer.

To highlight this aspect of the Ms. Netzer’s novel and extend her theme of being true to yourself, we created Wig Out! and asked community members to create wigs that revealed their hidden truth. All our entries were beautiful and made an impact on the library community who had the chance to vote for their favorite wig. 

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