Everybody knows that the main purpose of school is to teach children to read.  They also know that a library’s goal is to promote reading by offering free literature to the public.  That’s why in February, Chesapeake Public Schools and the Chesapeake Public Library are joining forces to launch “Battle of the Books”, a game-show style reading competition.

What better way to get kids to read than to make a game of it?

Here’s how it works:  Chesapeake fifth-graders are placed into teams consisting of five students and one adult.  Each team member reads ten books that have been selected by library staff and will then answer questions about the books.  Winning teams from each school will then compete for the grand prize at Chesapeake Central Library.

We believe the books chosen below will be enjoyed by participants and the competition that follows will encourage them to continue to read.










“This is Battle of the Books! Now entering Central Library are the champions of the Chesapeake Public Schools semifinalists! (insert champions names, schools and teams) And now here is the host of Super Jeopardy…..I mean Battle of the Books…”  Gosh, I feel just like Alex Trebec.


For more information contact  Battle of the Books


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