I Don’t Know



I used to look out of airplane windows and dream about the little towns below.  Each dot I saw was a house, each house a home with beating hearts inside.  Each of the people in these homes was an incredibly brave soul.  They had made a stand, put down roots, and eked out a life.  I didn’t understand how to do that.  I was up in the air, flying over a landscape of a million possibilities.  “How do you settle for just one?” I wondered, “And how do you know when your destination has finally arrived?” Continue reading “I Don’t Know”

Anime/Manga Update: Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun


Hello, lovely readers. I found a series that I would really like to tell you about. This series, again, was something I found a few years ago by accident. It quickly became my show of the summer when it came out, and when I found the manga, I was over the moon happy. The English title for this series is Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun.

Imagine confessing to the person you’ve had a crush on. The mood is right. You’re by yourselves so no one can hear the reply. And when you say that you admire them, your crush says that they understand. Then gives you their signature and leaves. Well, that’s what happens to main character Chiyo Sakura when she confesses to Umetaro Nozaki. Though she is stunned, she goes home and realizes that the signature is that of a very famous Manga artist. Who happens to be Nozaki.

Armed with this new information, she is able to approach him and learns that he was interested in her as well. Or rather, interested in her art skills. He asks her, along with other classmates in the school, to help out with different aspects of the manga. And because this is a comedy, hijinks ensue. And most of them are instigated by Nozaki’s obliviousness.

I found this series on the front page of a website, and from the screen still, I thought it was going to be a lot more serious that it was. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. To be honest, if it were a serious show, I wouldn’t have watched it for more than a few episodes. But it’s hilarious. Also, the manga is easy to read because it is set up as a four panel comic.

We have the first three volumes available for check out, and I HIGHLY recommend it. And that’s all the information I have for you today. Until next time, stay golden.

Staff Recommendation: And I Darken


There have been countless adaptations of the Dracula myth. Wes Craven’s Dracula 2000 sets the story in contemporary New Orleans; Francis Ford Copolla’s 1992 film starring Gary Oldman combines Bram Stoker’s novel with the history of Vlad the Impaler; and the made-for-TV movie, Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula, tells a mostly historical account of Vlad Dracul III, the man, with a thrown-together twist at the end to show how he became a vampire. But there have not been many narrative takes on his life that don’t include vampires.

This is where Kiersten White’s latest epic comes in. The first of an in-progress trilogy called The Conquerors Saga, And I Darken reimagines Vlad Dracula III as a teenage girl: Lada Dragwyla, princess of Wallachia, traded, along with her younger brother Radu, in exchange for a peace treaty with the neighboring Turks.

Continue reading “Staff Recommendation: And I Darken”

Thank You For Your Service – Veteran’s Day 2016

L to R – My Grandmother Stella, My Grandfather E.C, My Grandmother’s twin Ella

“Dear Miss Stella,

You will perhaps be surprised to receive this little epistle without any intimation I should send it other than our former friendship, though not very extensive, yet of such duration it seems dearer through reminiscence.” Continue reading “Thank You For Your Service – Veteran’s Day 2016”