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For a minute or two, it looked like Hampton Roads was sitting in the direct path of Hurricane Matthew, which started out as the first Category Five storm in the Atlantic since 2007. With the public suddenly caught in the midst of a whipped-up media frenzy rivaled only by the ongoing coverage of this year’s presidential election, bottles of water flew off store shelves and people started pulling their generators out of deep storage (Please, PLEASE, don’t operate them in your dining room!) while visions of high winds and utter destruction danced like sugar plums in their heads. Expect a repeat on November 7.  For now, thankfully, Matthew has shifted course and is steering safely out to sea.  Sans our candidates, unfortunately, but still.  Most homeowners are breathing a deep sigh of relief.  However, if you are one of those feeling robbed of your chance to hunker down at home while Mother Nature unleashes her fury, don’t despair!  For your listening pleasure I’ve assembled a playlist suitable for next month’s nor’easters, or for sitting alone in your living room this weekend and pondering what might have been.








































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