Hello, everyone! I just realized how many new items we’ve recently gotten in the library! And among those new items, there are a few things I can finally write about because we have them in the system. I think I’m going to start with Horimiya. It’s a great romantic comedy that I could read over and over again.

This series starts with the reader being introduced to the quite popular Kyoko Hori. She is very well liked, very pretty and very smart. However, she hides a secret from everyone in her class. Because her mother works all the time and her father is MIA, she has become the main caretaker of her household. As soon as she gets home, she changes into housewife-like clothing and makes sure to take care of her little brother. One day, she is greeted at her house by her younger brother, who has a hurt nose, and a heavily-pierced individual with long, pulled-back hair. Before this individual can leave, she thanks him for bringing her brother home and invites him into the house. He is very polite and, to her surprise, knows exactly who she is. It’s revealed that he is actually Izumi Miyamura, a completely unassuming person in her class who people usually try to avoid. He is usually seen in glasses, with his hair down to hide his piercings, and always wears winter clothes to hide the tattoos he has all over his body. The two form an unlikely bond because they keep each other’s secret identities from other classmates. Slowly they start to fall for each other.  Along with that, they also learn how to deal with both their emotions and the other people around them.

This is really just an amazing RomCom (romantic comedy) and I’m saying this as someone who isn’t a huge fan of romance. It gets you right in the feels and it can easily become a favorite. My friend actually would not leave me alone until I read it.  When I did, I finally understood what I’d been missing out on.

We have volumes 1-3 available at multiple locations. Unfortunately, I don’t believe it’s been made into an anime yet, or, if it has, I think it’s just an OVA (Original Video Animation). If you can find it, however, it’s quite funny.

Well, that’s all I have for you today! Stay golden, my friends!

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