“I am the daughter of Earth and Water,

And the nursling of the Sky;

I pass through the pores of the oceans and shores;

I change, but I cannot die.” 


Once upon a time we humans were wild creatures.  We banded together in little herds and roamed the Earth, eating fruit and hunting small animals. And like other nomadic beasts, we suffered greatly. We starved when food was scarce, we froze when the weather was cold, we died when illness struck.

Gradually we learned to build shelters to protect ourselves, to gather seeds to plant crops and to raise livestock so that we didn’t have to depend upon hunting for our food.  With this success, our population increased. Because there were more of us to contribute to the welfare of the group, individuals had extra time to develop skills and crafts.

We became domesticated.

This is who we are now.  We are cultivated.  We can’t go back. We can leave the city to live in a log cabin in the woods, but we can’t be wild again.  We can raise chickens in our back yard and can peaches from our own tree, but we can’t be wild again. We can grow a garden on the roof of our apartment and keep bees, but we can’t be wild again.  We can’t go back. We’ve been refined.

Yet, we all carry inside us the people who came before.  The aggressive qualities that helped us survive our brutal beginning are still present.

We have within our power the ability to do great things, but also the potential to self-destruct. A casual glance backward at mankind’s short history will confirm this truth.  Right now we have some big problems.

PROBLEMS:  Overpopulation     Climate Change     Extinction     Starvation     War     Deforestation

Fracking          Immigration           Women’s Rights             Religious Intolerance         LBGT Rights


Yet, today may be the best time ever for us to be alive! Check out these links!

There are discoveries being made on Mars!


There are advances being made in Medicine!


New technologies are being invented!


 Sustainable energy sources are being developed!


We are solving pollution problems!


We’ve even invented a weapon that doesn’t kill.

Non-lethal Weapon

Since we are no longer wild – no longer savage – no longer feral offspring wandering loose upon the face of the Earth, can’t we come together as purposeful creatures long enough to reclaim the good that is inside us? What do parents owe their children that is more important than a kinder, peaceful future?  The one question we alone can determine the answer to is …”what will we become?”


Ancient Sanskrit poem

Look to this day

for it is life

the very life of life.

In its brief course lie all

the realities and truths of existence

the joy of growth

the splendor of action

the glory of power.

For yesterday is but a memory

And tomorrow is only a vision.

But today well lived

makes every yesterday a memory

of happiness

and every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well, therefore, to this day….


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