In thrift stores and at yard sales it’s not unusual to find clunky, old, wooden jewelry boxes with velour-lined drawers.  Nobody uses these anymore.  They are obsolete. But, if you go on www.Pinterest.com and type “jewelry box makeover,” you can see the many clever ways people have spruced up these old dinosaurs.

I found one and sanded it, spray-painted it, glued some paper images on it, covered it with spray shellac and re-lined the drawers with fabric.  Here it is:

DSCN3638                 DSCN3639DSCN3637

I may have overdone the picture gluing [Note to Self: Less Is More!]. But it was a fun project and I’ll know better next time.


Speaking of archaic items, does anyone out there know what this thing is?



It’s called a “sewing caddy.”  Nowadays they most often look like this:

sewing caddy

This little gem was brought in by one of my co-workers, and it was still filled with goodies!


You have to be an “old sew-and-sew” to know what some of these items are.


And even if you know WHAT they are, do you know HOW to use them?

Still useful
Sought After

This is quaint stuff!

SEWING a button is a better way



DSCN3678   DSCN3687

 What is this pointy thing below?









This nostalgic tour has reminded me that:

“No matter how old or stale the joke, someone else is hearing it for the first time.”

It’s up to the older generation to teach their children.


The past can show us many things. Some things are good, and we keep those, but usually with small improvements. We upgrade.

Other things are bad, and we get rid of those.  We move on.  But we don’t forget. If we see them again, we recognize them.  We’re not fooled.

But the main thing is this: No matter what was in the past – good or bad – that time is over.  We live here now, and things have changed.  Adapt.

There’s no going back.*


*Dollo’s Law:  “An organism is unable to return, even partially, to a previous state already realized in the ranks of its ancestors.”  (IOW: evolution is not reversible.)

Every day is a chance to do the right thing!


Re-creative: 50 projects for turning found items into contemporary design by Steve Dodds

Redux: designs that reuse, recycle and reveal  by Jennifer Roberts

Taking out the trash: a no-nonsense guide to recycling By Jennifer Carless

Switch : How to change things when change is hard by Chip Heath

Remake it home : The essential guide to resourceful living by Henrietta Thompson

The tyranny of dead ideas : Letting go of the old ways of thinking to unleash a new prosperity by Matthew Miller

Shift your habit : Easy ways to save your money, simplify your life, and save the planet   by Elizabeth Rogers


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