Antediluvian Artifacts and Dollo’s Law


In thrift stores and at yard sales it’s not unusual to find clunky, old, wooden jewelry boxes with velour-lined drawers.  Nobody uses these anymore.  They are obsolete. But, if you go on and type “jewelry box makeover,” you can see the many clever ways people have spruced up these old dinosaurs.

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The Kondo Purge


If you’ve read my blog posts, you know that the title RWords was chosen to define what I feel is everyone’s responsibility.  That is, to keep things green by recycling, reducing, reusing and repairing what we have.

I have been a lifelong fan of recycling, although I’ve never really called it that. It’s just how I’ve lived.

This is good.

I can’t, however,  seem to reduce.  Things are starting to pile up. I have succumbed to the pack rat lifestyle.

This is bad.

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