Hello, dear readers. I have once again combed the stacks and bookshelves of the library to bring you another recommendation. This time, I have found a slice of life/comedy series, titled Barakamon.

In this series, we’re introduced to Seishu Handa, a young and very talented Tokyo calligrapher. He’s quite proud of his work and is considered one of the best in the business. But after an incident where he punches an elderly curator for calling his work “unoriginal,” he is sent to a small village in southern Japan to be taught a lesson. A complete city boy at heart, Seishu is shocked by and feels out of place in small town life.

While there, he becomes acquainted with the different villagers, including Naru Kotoishi, a hyperactive six-year-old girl who loves bugs and causing Seishu grief. While their relationship starts off rocky (due to Naru sneaking into his house without his permission, snooping through his things, not listening to him, etc.), Seishu becomes like a big brother to Naru and the other youngsters of the town. The series mainly follows Seishu as he learns to be a more caring individual with the help of his new friends in his new home.

 I first found this series because someone happened to leave the first volume at my desk. I became completely enamored by the art and decided then and there I was going to check the book out. And I wasn’t disappointed. It’s an incredibly funny, slice of life series. It’s also fun to watch Seishu’s mental and emotional growth.

If you’d like to read more about Seishu and Naru, we have volume one available for checkout. And there is an anime somewhere on the internet. It’s worth a look.

Well, that’s all the information I have for you. Until next time, stay golden.

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