Staff Recommendation: Save Me, Kurt Cobain

The year is 2006. Nicola, aka “Nico,” is coming up on her fifteenth birthday. Thanks to a cumulative set of circumstances involving a Ouija board, a ferry ride, and the discovery of her mother’s stash of vintage CDs, Nico comes to believe that former Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain is A) still alive, and B) her real father.

When I read the premise for Save Me, Kurt Cobain, my first thought was, “Wait, what?” My second was, “I need to read that immediately.” Because, having grown up in the 90s myself, with a stash of CDs I’m starting to realize might be considered “vintage” now, this story is both outlandish and familiar in ways I did not expect.



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Musings on Reading



Around 25 years ago, while I was working in an academic library, one of the English professors came in to check out some books to read on a long flight.  I happened to ask if she had read the latest book by some author.  I don’t remember the title of the book or the author, but I do remember her response.

She informed me that SHE did not read general fiction as it had “ABSOLUTELY NO LITERARY MERIT.”


Do you read non-fiction?

Have you ever read a classic?

Do you enjoy reading fiction?

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a strange case of show and tell

As any of my co-workers could easily attest to, I am a magnet for the strange. Like a bad, and ironically, never-ending episode of the Twilight Zone, peculiar people and situations seem to find their way to my personal coordinates almost every single day. I wish I could say this only happens at work, but no. It manifests itself everywhere. I apparently carry an invisible portal along with me that beckons dark and bizarre forces from far-off, dusty corners of the universe, and each of these forces passes in and out of the portal at will with explicit orders to swirl solely around me, making my day-to-day reality as off kilter as possible.  I also wish I could say that this has only been a recent or fleeting phenomenon. Quite to the contrary, however, and whether benign or malevolent, these excursions into the curious, these visitations by the freakish and the grotesque, have been occurring for as long as I can remember. It would appear that I am cursed for life. Continue reading “a strange case of show and tell”

Staff Recommendation: Lost Stars




Hello everyone! If you weren’t aware of this, May the 4th is Star Wars Day. (“May the Fourth Be With You”–get it?) I got hooked on Star Wars books thanks to my marathon reading project last year, so now I’m finally reviewing Claudia Gray’s Lost Stars. Joe has been insisting that I read this book for months, and I see why: it is easily the best Star Wars book I have ever read.

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