History and Hamilton



So I was up waaaay too long last night. The sole reason for this was because I got hooked on the Original Broadway Recording of Hamilton. I have been hearing the buzz regarding this musical over the last few months and with it being described as, “the best piece of art in any form that I have seen in my life” by none other than the First Lady, I had to check it out. Using Hoopla (which is a service provided free by the Chesapeake Public Library) I was pulled into the late eighteenth century in a way I had never before imagined.

Hamilton is the brain child of Lin-Manuel Miranda which started after he read Ron Chernow’s biography on the Founding Father that graces the ten dollar bill. Miranda had the brilliant idea of adapting the work into an Off-Broadway musical (which sounds audacious enough) using the medium of Hip-Hop and Rap to drive the narrative.  That’s right, the story of Alexander Hamilton is told through two and a half hours of remarkable history and clever rap!

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