Staff Stories: Juanita & the Kids

Ray Stevens – musician, composer, and producer – has created music in a wide variety of genres (pop, country, rock, bluegrass, and comedy) for over 50 years. He has created everything from the pop classic “Everything is Beautiful” to the insightful “Mr. Businessman” to the Grammy Award-winning arrangement of “Misty.” He has spoofed any and everything from Tarzan movies to trendy crazes, but, best of all, he created his own style of comedy classics along the way. Some of my favorite novelty hits are “The Streak” and “Mississippi Squirrel Revival.” However, my all-time favorite, the one that always makes me smile (especially during tax time, when everyone gets stressed out) is the musical satire “Juanita & the Kids,” which tells the tale of a man being audited by the IRS for a “small technicality.”

I’ve always enjoyed novelty songs that tell a story.  I find it very amusing when the story pokes fun at the government and bureaucracy, as this one does. And after all, don’t we all need to keep a sense of humor when dealing with the government, especially during tax season?

In this song, the single man without any deductions discovered a “loophole” when filing his 1040 forms; a “wife” (aka a blow-up doll) with a fake birth certificate. Once the IRS accepted his “wife,” he started growing their “family” (aka Cabbage Patch Kids) who also came with birth certificates. The humor appears when the whole family is invited to the IRS office for an audit. When the tax auditor is faced with the choice of denying the tax application and thereby tacitly proclaiming that the government made a mistake (and most likely losing his job by pointing this out), or approving the tax application by turning a blind eye to the blatant abuse of an extremely unlikely, but humorous, loophole, he decides to keep his job.

As you are finishing up your 1040, take a moment to enjoy the song “Juanita & the Kids” and smile. Can you think of any other songs that have to do with taxes? Happy Tax Day!