Hello internet readers! I just remembered a series that was such a big part of my childhood that I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about it. I think anyone who has ever tried to find a dark, horror manga/anime has come across this series at one time or another. I remember finding it by accident one time, and it scaring me so much I didn’t touch it for another year. But I overcame my fear! …Because my best friend at the time decided that while she held me captive, we would watch the show… But haunting childhood memories aside, we’ll have a bit of a conversation about Death Note.

In this series, we are introduced to Light Yagami. He is a perfect student, with perfect grades, and a perfect superiority complex. He brings nothing but pride to his mother and father, but is perfectly bored with his life. He has no motivation or ambition to do anything, because he’s already made it to the top.

His world is turned upside down,however, when he finds a notebook labeled Death Note. The pages are blank and it looks like a common notebook. However on the inside of the cover, there are instructions on how to use the notebook, the main point of interest being that if one writes the name of someone in the book and they visualize the face of their victim, the victim dies. Of course, like any normal person, he considers it a joke. But curiosity wins him over and he decides to take it home to test it out himself. After two successful tests, he realizes that this notebook is the real deal. It’s then that he takes it upon himself to “cleanse” the world of those he feels are not worthy, killing horrible criminals both in and out of jail.

A few days pass and Light meets the owner of the Death Note: A death god by the name of Ryuk who states that he dropped his notebook in the human world on purpose because he was bored. Finding something in common with Light, Ryuk decides that he’ll stick around Light with the dual purpose of being entertained and keeping an eye on his Death Note.

As a middle schooler, I was just getting into anime and manga. I would only read a series if I fell in love with the art. And man, did I fall in love with the art. Unfortunately, I’m a huge wimp. And when you are reading a series that features a tall, gaunt character with grey skin, bulging red eyes, and a huge Glasgow smile while being a wimp, you have a bit of a hard time. But after I powered through the way Ryuk looked, I found an interesting story with even more captivating characters. This series, in my opinion, is a classic.

We have most of the volumes, DVDs and a light novel available for check out at multiple locations. And that is all the info I have for you today. Until next time, stay golden.

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2 thoughts on “Anime/Manga Update: Death Note

  1. Death Note is amazing! One of the few manga series I’ve already read cover-to-cover AND seen the whole anime series. It does drag a little for me after a certain character goes away (I’m sure you know the one I mean), but even with that in mind, it’s such amazing writing and plotting. Definitely lives up to its hype.

    1. To be honest, I actually stopped watching/reading for a long time after that “certain character” left the main cast.

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