If you were to compare your life to a book, what would be your tale?

Would it be an adventure,

a mystery,

a fantasy,

or (lucky you) a “bodice-ripper”?

Since working here in the library, I’ve often pondered what kind of book my life would make. Somehow, I don’t think it would be a Bestseller. (The plot is unclear and I don’t have an ending…yet!) I’m definitely not the hero, but I think my book would be a Quest. Just like the woman in the story The Blue Jar by Isak Dinesen, I’ve been on a journey to discover my “perfect shade of blue”. In the story, a woman had everything in life and thought herself to be happy until a ship she was traveling on sank. (What an analogy!) She was stranded on a lifeboat for nine days and the experience changed how she saw her world.
Being lost at sea, although a terrible ordeal, gave her the opportunity to escape from her everyday life. It gave her time to reflect upon what was important. (How many of us ever get to do this?) She found peace. Sadly, after she was rescued she could no longer be content. Something was missing. She spent the rest of her life traveling around the world collecting blue jars because she wanted to find that blue color she remembered from “when all the world was blue”. (ie..the sky above her and the water below.) But, what she was really searching for was inner peace. I’ve collected a lot of blue jars in my life too. Here’s what I found: Those that weren’t empty didn’t contain anything that I didn’t already have. Read that again. It’s only when you stop searching that you realize that in everyone’s story the sky above is blue, but you’ve got to LOOK UP to see it! There is water beneath all of our feet. You just have to remain calm and paddle through it. Learn to float until you reach the shore again. What makes a Quest interesting is not the capture of the unicorn, it’s the twists and turns of the journey, the adventures you have along the way, the people you meet. The “blue” you are searching for may be rare and difficult to find, but remember this: There are many shades of blue. Who is to say that you may not find one color that suits you better than the one you were seeking?

After all, even though there are only three pure colors in existence, look what Michelangelo did with them!


Born to read, forced to work.

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