Touch of Power is the first book in the young adult Healer series by Maria V. Snyder.





After a devastating plague killed over half the population of the Fifteen Realms, Healers were blamed for causing the ravaging disease. So, instead of being revered for helping people with her healing magic, Avry of Kazan, an Apprentice Healer, has been on the run for the past few years. That is, until she was caught healing a child and thrown into jail to be executed for her crimes.

A small band of rogues broke her out of jail so she could heal their leader, the only person who might be able to fight back against High Priestess Estrid, the religious fanatic, or King Tohon, the megalomaniac.  Each is determined to take advantage of the chaos and gain as much territory as possible. As the small group evades mercenaries and magical dangers, Avry must decide if the price of healing the plague-infected prince – and a potential peace for the known world – is worth her life.

The author has written other young adult novels.  Look here to see what else is by her in our catalog.

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