Book vs. Movie: Firestarter by Stephen King

I have been a Stephen King fan since Salem’s Lot. I looked forward to every new King book that came out. I read Firestarter in two days. The book had all of the elements for an exciting story: experiments done to college students by a secret government organization called The Shop; chase scenes; a loving family changed forever by the experiments; and a child, born with pyrokinetic powers as a result of the experiments. Stephen King had no problem using children in very disturbing ways in his novels.


While in college, Vicky and Andy take part in an experiment. They are given an hallucinogen which, for some participants, goes horribly wrong. The drug is called Lot 6. Vicky and Andy marry and have a child. However, they soon learn that they have been changed by the experiment. Vicky can move objects with her mind and Andy develops an ability to influence people, what he calls “push.” Their child, however, has been born with a most extraordinary and dangerous gift: pyrokinesis. As participants of the Lot 6 experiment that survived, they are under constant surveillance. When the authorities learn of Charlie’s gift, agents of The Shop are sent to bring her in. After Andy finds Vicky dead, he realizes the danger they are in and he and Charlie go on the run. They are caught and brought back to The Shop. Charlie is tricked into doing experiments with her “gift.” When she realizes she and her father have been betrayed, she fights back using the only weapon she has: her ability to make fire with her mind.

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