So let’s talk about how great Career of Evil, the third installment in the Cormoran Strike mysteries, was. By far the best of the three thus far, the background of Cormoran and Robin is further delved into and their dynamic changes constantly throughout the investigation. Starting out with Robin being sent a severed leg (yikes!) this novel reveals some of Cormoran’s enemies and their potential motivations for the crimes. I personally didn’t really care for Silkworm mostly because the characters weren’t likeable and narcissistic; I didn’t really care about them or the mystery as much. But the third addition to this new series by Robert Galbraith, pseudonym for JK Rowling (from Harry Potter!), gives the readers more of what makes this series so great: the relationship between Cormoran and Robin and their combined skills of burrowing themselves in the seedy underground of the UK.

Check it out if you love mysteries or JK Rowling and her awesome characters. New on the shelves you will find it wherever your branch displays new items or you can place a hold on it here! We have it on Overdrive and in audiobook too for those long car rides!

If you need to catch up here are the links to Book 1 and Book 2.

Spoiler and my final reaction below!

I loved that Cormoran still showed up to the wedding and we are left to believe that he is going to try and win Robin back. Part of me really wished he would have stopped the wedding because he truly knows Matthew is not good enough for Robin and has done some horrible things! I really wanted Robin to be on her own; to be with someone who truly supported how smart, talented, and resourceful she is for PI work instead of putting her down and being jealous like a child. You know you’re reading a good book with characters you’re attached to when you want to do this!

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