In Defense of “Wonderful Christmastime.”

There are people who don’t believe what Andy Warhol did was art. There are people who think all of Shakespeare’s works were written by someone else. There are skeptics who don’t buy that we ever put a man on the moon, or that the ancient Egyptian pyramids were used to store grain. And there are even some seriously misguided folks who claim our library’s music collection is horrid. There are always gonna be doubters. And haters. And people who choose to live their lives in misery, refusing to open their eyes and embrace the beauty around them. And just as it’s true with many other things, so are there detractors of this song. It’s true. Search the Internet, or take a poll, and you’ll find them. Ask these people to explain what it is about Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” that makes them cringe, and they’ll tell you. They’ll say it’s slight. They’ll say it’s silly. They’ll say it’s just plain stupid. And while I wouldn’t necessarily argue with any of those observations, I would argue with their conclusions.   “Wonderful Christmastime” should be embraced as pure genius. Quite simply, it’s golden. Continue reading “In Defense of “Wonderful Christmastime.””