Allie Brosh is shaping up to be one of my favorite comic creators. Her blogspot Hyperbole and a Half  is hilarious and explores everything from depression, anxiety, childhood, and attempting adulthood. Originally using the blog to discussing her experiences, particularly with mental illness, it quickly became a favorite amongst internet views so much so that it became a book! Fun fact: CPL has two copies! Found in the Biography section under Brosh you will find amazing stories about dinosaur costumes and unquenchable power, “The God of Cake”, and “Adventures with Depression”. For a sample of what you’re getting into check out her gut wrenchingly funny new rendition of the medical pain scale.

I appreciate Allie Brosh and her ability to make comical what is often so hard about being human. Her depictions of depression are particularly poignant and their comedy comes from a place of wanting to find joy in something that often provides so much strife. She also has some amazing insights about why being an adult is so difficult, particularly social situations which a lot of people have difficulty navigating. Overall, a great read particularly for people who like the genre of “rage comics” as they are definitely in a similar style.

Now I’m anxiously awaiting her new book Solutions and Other Problems!

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