Hey readers! It’s me again with another great podcast you should be listening to and it’s called “Welcome to Night Vale”! Published twice every month, Welcome To Night Vale is a community radio show based on a fictional town called Night Vale. It’s definitely apocalyptic and strange things happen in the town that’s for sure. There’s a large Glow Cloud looming in the sky and a dog park nobody is allowed to go in (and frankly you have to stop asking). You listen to Cecil Palmer, voiced by Cecil Baldwin, explain the spooky happenings that go on in day to day life for a town you soon start to feel oddly familiar with. Along the way you meet some fascinating characters like The Faceless Old Woman, John Peters “you know…the farmer”, intern Dana now Mayor Dana, and Cecil’s crush named Carlos who uses the station to report his scientific findings on the dangers of Night Vale. If this sounds like something you’re interested in you can subscribe on iTunes, visit their website,  or visit their soundcloud page to listen. Likewise if you end up loving it CPL has bought the book that gives you more information on the spooky world of Night Vale. You can check that out here!

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One thought on “Are you listening to Welcome to Night Vale?

  1. I’m so excited there’s a book out for this! I always thought the concept and ideas sounded interesting, but I’ve never been a fan of the Podcast format. I couldn’t be more relieved they’ve made it a book, and I checked it out immediately as soon as I saw it.

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