OMG – I totally loved this series – In fact, I loved it so much I devoured all five books in one week. Yep, you read that right… ONE WEEK!

Brigid Kemmerer’s series features four young men who lost their parents to a fire five years ago. The oldest, Michael, has custody of his three younger brothers Gabriel and Nick, the twins, and Chris. These boys are special, each has a special affinity that brings them closer to one of five elements.  Chris with water, Gabriel with fire, Nick with air, and Michael with earth.  Within their stories we meet other people who have affinities also, specifically Hunter whose affinity is spirit.  There are many people who are in tune with the elements but only pure elementals are able to manipulate the five elements to cause major destruction and, according to the Guides, these people must be destroyed. It doesn’t matter if a pure elemental is using their power for good or evil, the Guides will come to town, monitor the pure elemental, and then kill them.

A bargain was struck in the community years ago that stated the brothers would not use their elemental powers or the Guides would be called. Since their parents death, the brothers have been struggling to up keep their end of the deal, despite the fact that some members in the community have it out for them.

Each book follows one of these five gentlemen through a journey of self discovery.  Kemmerer touches on many issues that young adults deal with especially bullying, sexuality, and relationships. But there are also some pretty hot guys on these covers and who wouldn’t be attracted to one of these handsome young men?

Check out the Elemental Series in order of publication at the Chesapeake Public Library

  1. Storm
  2. Spark
  3. Spirit
  4. Secret
  5. Sacrifice

Brigid Kemmerer

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  1. Confession: Picked up the first book because of the cover. Immediately ran out to read the second and third books too. They are pretty good.

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