Mercedes Lackey has a new series out. Always good news in my world. I’ve been reading her books, from almost the beginning. In fact the two books I bought that introduced me to her world were Arrows of the Queen and Magic’s Pawn; books literally set in a world of her making. This time she has taken our world, set her stories in the future, and taken all of the monsters of myth and legend… and made them real. The monsters required people skilled at and trained in hunting them, which is where Joyeaux Charmand comes in. She has been hunting the monsters for the people in her tight knit mountain community since she was a child. But now she has been called to serve in Apex City, where the never ending battle for the safety of the city has been turned into a sporting event, which is used to hide the truth about how dangerous the monsters truly are.

I love her world building. The monsters act like real animals, the settings are believable, and the characters are complex enough to be interesting. We understand what drives Joy, even if we’ve never fought the monsters she faces.

You can find it in our catalog.

I should add that I got this book as a free read from NetGalley, a site that gives advanced reading copies of books to reviewers.

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