Are you listening to Welcome to Night Vale?


Hey readers! It’s me again with another great podcast you should be listening to and it’s called “Welcome to Night Vale”! Published twice every month, Welcome To Night Vale is a community radio show based on a fictional town called Night Vale. It’s definitely apocalyptic and strange things happen in the town that’s for sure. There’s a large Glow Cloud looming in the sky and a dog park nobody is allowed to go in (and frankly you have to stop asking). You listen to Cecil Palmer, voiced by Cecil Baldwin, explain the spooky happenings that go on in day to day life for a town you soon start to feel oddly familiar with. Along the way you meet some fascinating characters like The Faceless Old Woman, John Peters “you know…the farmer”, intern Dana now Mayor Dana, and Cecil’s crush named Carlos who uses the station to report his scientific findings on the dangers of Night Vale. If this sounds like something you’re interested in you can subscribe on iTunes, visit their website,  or visit their soundcloud page to listen. Likewise if you end up loving it CPL has bought the book that gives you more information on the spooky world of Night Vale. You can check that out here!

Anime/Manga Update: Trigun

Hello lovely readers. I’ve returned with yet another series that I’d love to chat with you about. This series came out quite a few years ago, and I must say, that it’s one of my go to series without a doubt. I can still remember trying to get up SUPER early in the morning, or trying to stay up late just so I could watch it. The series that I’m referring to is Trigun. Continue reading “Anime/Manga Update: Trigun”

Oral History – Everyone Has a Story

The Chesapeake Genealogy Enthusiasts met on November 9, 2015. Some attendees shared photographs along with memories. Kevin Clement presented the lesson, “Oral History.”

Oral history is a field of study where professionals collect systematically the testimony of living people about their personal experiences. Even though it has been argued that only trained professionals can conduct legitimate oral history, it is important for families to collect and maintain the oral memories of its members.

Families should consider preserving their own memories. My grandfather used to tell marvelous stories of his time as a missionary in Africa. I have shared a couple of these stories throughout my life, but I am positive that I do not give the tales the same flair that my grandfather had given them. How grand would it be if I had an audio or video recording of him telling these stories so I could replay the recording over and over again and hear his voice? It is too late since my grandfather passed away in 1978, but it may not be too late for others. Look to your relatives still living and begin recording their memories. More importantly, do not fail to record your own memories for future generations.

Graduation photo of my grandfather, Frank Manning, missionary and storyteller.

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Star Wars Read-A-Thon: A New Dawn

We are just a month away from The Force Awakens, I have my movie tickets, and I am finally entering the New Official Canon! If you’re just joining me, the previous novels in the Star Wars franchise–formerly called the “Extended Universe,” now called “Star Wars Legends”–were never officially part of the same continuity as the film universe. However, since we now have a new movie coming with its own continuity and its own future, the old material was rebranded and a new series of books, comics, and television episodes were created to fill out the background.

This new crop of tie-in material is called “Journey to The Force Awakens,” and its first full-length novel is John Jackson Miller’s A New Dawn. The story takes place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, and follows a handful of new characters banding together to create what would eventually become the Rebel Alliance. . . Continue reading “Star Wars Read-A-Thon: A New Dawn”