Hello, lovelies! I have come from the depths of the library stacks with yet another Japanese series that I have found, which I surprisingly like. That is not to say that it was a bad series from the get go, it’s just that I never really got around to reading or watching it until now, which was my loss. Anyways, the title is called Reborn!, and it is, of course, another Shounen series.

This series starts by introducing the reader to Tsunayoshi Sawada, or Tsuna for short. He is lazy, uncoordinated, and terrible at school – all in all, worthy of the nickname he has: “No Good Tsuna.” He has even admitted that the only reason he even goes to school is to see his crush. Enter Reborn – a baby that states that he is a live-in tutor and will whip Tsuna into shape to be a productive member of society. And that is a cover story that everyone believes! The real reason Reborn has come to find Tsuna is to inform him that he is the next leader of a powerful mafia family called The Vongola, and to train him. Also Reborn is actually a hitman that works for said family. Of course, Tsuna thinks that the Reborn is delusional until he pulls out a gun and shoots Tsuna square in the head. However, Tsuna doesn’t die. Shot with a “Dying Will Bullet,” Tsuna revives (sans clothes, because this is a manga/anime) filled with his regrets and acting on said regrets quite erratically. Hijinks ensue as Reborn shakes up Tsuna’s formerly monotonous daily life. He even goes so far as to recruit members for the Vongola Famiglia. All the while Reborn is training Tsuna to become worthy of the title Vongola X (Vongola Decimo) – the tenth leader of this prestigious and powerful mafia family. Of course there is more than the occasional complaint from Tsuna, who wants nothing more than to return to his normal and boring life before Reborn barged his way in.

It took me awhile to actually read this series, although a lot of people told me to watch/read it. However, because I’m not one to be pressured into watching anything, I put it off. Then I randomly read it because it was at the library. We have up to volume 6 in the library. After I finished those six books, I was not impressed. There really wasn’t any continuing story, it was just the daily life of Tsuna being “groomed” to be the next successor, aptly named “The Daily Life Arc.” Then I read somewhere that it did get action packed, and that characters that were sparse at the beginning of the series made surprising comebacks out of the blue. I also read that the characterizations were very well done, so I decided to give it another chance after consulting with a friend. Now I have to say, it is pretty well done. I do like it a lot, and right now I’m in the middle of watching the anime. I’m about halfway through with the whole thing and I can’t stop watching it. If you haven’t watched it and you want a typical Shounen series that isn’t Bleach, Naruto, One Piece or Fairy Tail, this is one to try watching.

Well, that’s all I have for this post. Stay golden my friends.

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